Attention Business Owners!

Who else would like the car of their dreams
and have someone else pay for it!

And it's just not a car that we're giving away…
But so much more!

Including tickets to our LIVE events, leadership dinners, flight vouchers, accommodation and more! Plus we will be adding more prices and incentives further down the track. Stay tuned to our business owner FaceBook page to see the announcements being made. Now is the time to take some action!

So you may be wondering how does this work?

If you are a current business owner and have a subscription to the business tools all you need to do is promote the course and the seminars as you normally would in running a business and make sales.

Every time you make a sale for the products listed below you'll also be accumulating reward points with Real Estate for Profit. These points can then be used for motor vehicle leases, accommodation, free seminar tickets, travel vouchers to our events and much more.

It's really quite easy!

If you opt for us to pay for your motor vehicle we will pay for your lease each month provided you keep up with the monthly sales volume.

Here's How the Point Structure Breaks Down:

Every MWP1 Sale


1 RFP point

Every MWP2 Sale


2 RFP points

Every MWP7 Sale


7 RFP points

This only applies to your first sale, if they upgrade later that is not included in calculation of points. If it's one of your 4 training sales then only 50% will be applied to you and 50% applied to the other business owner involved in the sale.

Here is what you can get with your points:

Bronze: 5 points (in a month) tickets for two people to one of our business owner trainings (valid for 12 months)

Silver: 10 points (in a month) to get Bronze package plus two nights accommodation to one of our events (valued up to $250AUD)

Gold: 15 points (in a month) to get a Silver package plus flights to one of our workshops (valued up to $750AUD) PLUS attend our Friday leadership dinner for FREE. PLUS you also qualify for the The Real Estate Motor Vehicle incentive program! Congratulations!

Regarding the real estate motor vehicle incentive program, we at Real Estate For Profit will continue to make your monthly lease payment provided you keep making the monthly points continuously.

Here's How the Point Structure Breaks Down:

15 points (made monthly) to get a $700 / month lease payment
20 points (made monthly) to get a $1,400 month lease payment
25 points (made monthly) to get a $1,900 / month lease payment
30 points (made monthly) to get a $2,500 month lease payment
40 points (made monthly) to get a $3,300 / month lease payment

Now, you may be wondering why we are doing this
and is this too good to be true?

Is this too good to be true? Are you really giving away a car and these prizes?

And the answer is Yes!

We want to be the world's largest and most sold real estate education program in the world and for that we need to provide our business owners with a fantastic incentive to promote the products and seminars we offer. It's a win-win situation, as you make money and earn up to 80% profit as you normally would in the business plus we will also reward you for certain sales volume by providing accommodation, travel vouchers, paying for car leases and more.

And what better incentive is there out there?! In fact to my knowledge there is no other incentive program out there that gives you and allows you so much profit in your pocket as well providing these rewarding incentives.

Run your business as you normally would, find customers, make sales and at the end of the month calculate your sales and work out your points for that month and contact us here and we'll sort it out from there.

Another reason why we want to provide you with great incentive is we want business owners like you to be rewarded for more traffic and conversion than any other program out there on the market including some of the biggest affiliate programs. We want to top the rest and be the big dogs. We also want to provide the best rewards to you guys like allowing you your dream vehicle and other cool prizes.

Here's how to get started immediately!

If you're not already a business owner, you can become a business owner it only takes a short period of time, contact the person who showed you this page and register, they will assist you getting started?

We have a massive amount of stories out there about our business owners than most other companies in the real estate education and business industry.

Don't believe me? Check out the cases studies of some of our business owners and you can see a small fraction of them there.

Click here to see our success stories.

Once you've made enough sales in that month contact us and you'll qualify for one of our vehicles or events, leadership dinners and more.

We'll provide a list of what you're entitled to and then that's it! If it's a vehicle you're entitled to we'll give the details of your local dealership, you head down there choose your model and decide which one you want to take home.

And that's it!

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